“Joy and I have worked on various projects over a period of years and I continue to be impressed by her exceptional range of teaching and mentoring qualities.

She has enormous experience and has guided and supported many organisations in the public arena, private sector and the armed forces.

Joy analyses issues in a clear manner and her approach to resolving problems is both straight forward and sensitive.

I have always found her to be flexible, fair and balanced in her dealings with clients and colleagues.

I would be happy to work with Joy again.”

– John Silton owner at Alpha- Biz

“We first met Joy in early 2004 before setting our up our Learning and Development Consultancy. Joy offered us a practical, informative and no-nonsense insight into how to set up a business and the commitment that it would require. This proved to be priceless for us and set the tone for years of hard (but fulfilling) work.

Joy has endless knowledge about the practical aspects of starting and developing a business – she is able to highlight things you won’t even have thought of and then help you put important frameworks in place to ensure your business isn’t only productive but legal. She also provides as genuinely realistic and objective view of your business which proved invaluable for us in maintaining our perspective on our offer, customers and goals.

We are now a successful business with over 8 years experience working with global brands, and we know that Joy’s input in the early days helped us to achieve this!”

– Rachel Morris and Howard Rich, Co-founders, Motion Learning


“I first met Joy when I attended a “starting your own business seminar”. She was inspiring and challenged all my preconceived ideas about where I was up to with my business plan. Joy has been my business mentor for a year and has helped me with every aspect of getting my maternity wear business off the ground. Joy has kept me focused at times when I have become side-tracked and motivated at times when I have felt despondent. Her business acumen, perception and incredible network of contacts have been invaluable to me. Without Joy I truly believe that I would have given up on my business idea along time ago.”

Rebecca Oehrle – Founder and MD of Melba Clothing Ltd, www.melbaclothing.com

“I met Joy in my second year of business, at a time where I was facing a recurring set of challenges. Joy very quickly identified these across a diverse range of disciplines such as assertivess, time management, market positioning and cash flow projections.

“Working together, with Joy as my mentor for a year, I accomplished my most profitable year to date. Through improvements in each area, and some very positive goal-setting, I achieved more than I had thought possible.

“Although these might sound like the buzz words of any management consultancy, what endeared Joy to me most was her very humourous, down-to-earth and pragmatic approach, which gave me the insight and perspective I needed to tackle previously daunting opportunities and situations with confidence and clarity.”

Siobhan Davies – owner Sodabyte Web Design, www.sodabyte.co.uk

“The series of meetings we’ve had with Joy Chopp as our business advisor have been invaluable. Joy is an experienced advisor with a breadth of business knowlege. We’ve had her input on many aspects of developing our business, from legal requirements, financial considerations, marketing, web-site, publicity materials, networking and day-to-day procedures. In our second year, Joy has guided us through our business expansion. She has a very ‘real’ approach, which is practical, down-to-earth and tailor-made. Its great to have an objective viewpoint, a different perspective, affirmation, clarification and encouragement. Thanks Joy!”

Dympna O’Brien and Doreen Uzice -founders Quantum Metta, www.quantummetta.co.uk