About Joy

20 years helping owners, managers and entrepreneurs grow their business

The practicalities and pitfalls of starting and growing a small business are an exciting challenge, as individual in each case as the owner, market and idea.

With over 20 years experience as a trainer, consultant and entrepreneur, Joy’s help is pragmatic, down to earth and attuned to each client.

Specialising in startups, Joy has shared her knowledge with business owners since the 80’s. Involved at that time with the Enterprise Allowance Scheme, she has successfully helped hundreds of SME’s to get up and running. She continues to run various business skills seminars and acts as a Business Adviser mentoring on a one-to-one basis as an associate for several Business Support organisations both private & public sector.

Joy is particularly enthusiastic about encouraging women entrepreneurs, and would-be entrepreneurs in the service sector, particularly manual trades, leisure, beauty therapy, complimentary health practitioners and craft enterprises.

For her corporate clients she present courses on topics such as Assertiveness, Customer Care, Time Management and Stress Management.

During her 20 years as a trainer and consultant, Joy has successfully road-tested her own advice, having owned, managed and exited both a Complimentary Health Centre and an Antiques and Craft Fairs organisation.

She holds a D32/33 in Business Administration and holds the QED &SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Initiative) qualifications.

Joy is an associate adviser for a number of business support organisations.

A Crown Court Witness Service volunteer in her spare time, Joy is trained to listen and give information. Going to court can be an intimidating, even scary experience. As well as being in the same place as the accused, their friends and family, witnesses and victims might have to face difficult cross-examination from a lawyer. Giving evidence can also mean having to talk about difficult and painful experiences that they would rather forget. As a trained volunteer she helps by offering emotional and practical support both before and after the trial. This rewarding work requires volunteers to go through rigorous training on a regular basis and to have CRB checks.