Looking for a Business Advisor who has hands on experience?

Joy Chopp

Joy is a mature experienced advisor who supports and advises many Start Up businesses and SME’s. She calls herself ’queen of the seminars’ due the excellent feedback that she receives after every start up seminar she presents. Most of her clients that she supports on a one to one basis initially attend a seminar and subsequently become long term clients.

Joy has worked in the enterprise sector for almost thirty years, as a lecturer and mentor and as one-to-one adviser of aspiring owner/managers. She has worked with many Business support organisations such as Business Link and LDA on the business planning aspect of fund-raising for new entrepreneurs. Joy is familiar with contracts such as Be the Boss; the Royal British Legion project and was retained as their consultant , vetting Business Plans before they are submitted to the funders.

For 10 years Joy was an advisor/trainer for Women and Manual Trades the organisation that supported their members looking to become self-employed in the construction sector..

For London Corporate training, an organisation that specialises in training in the ‘softer’ skills for overseas businesses she presents a variety of seminars to attendees from petro-chemical companies, banking and medical services.

Joy says “Probably the most ‘fun’ contract I have worked on is on behalf of ‘Circus Space’ in London where circus performers are taught their skill. As self-employed people they also need to have a grasp of the business side of entertaining. Supporting wildly artistic creative individuals comes with a special set of challenges; such as getting them to sit still for long enough to write a plan and understand the nature of finance.”